Alex Perez
Alex Perez Pred 13 urami
messi is better
Chris The Gamer
Chris The Gamer Pred 13 urami
You should make that a match tho frfr
Jaden Maffenbeier
Jaden Maffenbeier Pred 13 urami
Y’all excited for the ksi v mo fight
Agent Beamstar
Agent Beamstar Pred 13 urami
I swear JJ's comment section is full of bots, self promoters, and people saying the same shit ova and ova again. I wish things were different
Jia Jee CHIN YANG Pred 13 urami
I mean u should do try not to laugh to ur own old vids those are some real gold
Marques Thompson
Marques Thompson Pred 13 urami
This man said people don’t recognize him without his bandana it’s official ksi is secretly niggaman
supermom46372 Pred 13 urami
ok..this one got me at least 3 times...i dont usually laugh at these kinds of videos, but this one was funny..
Brendan Pred 13 urami
How tf did this man get 2 mil and 1 mil in a little more than half a day
Terry Bridge
Terry Bridge Pred 13 urami
Aditya Reddy
Aditya Reddy Pred 13 urami
He laughed more in the reddit vid than the try not to laugh
Marcus Yuma Aguirre
Marcus Yuma Aguirre Pred 13 urami
4:42 been there men
Press F Memes
Press F Memes Pred 13 urami
6:50 Thumbnail
Team Baleful
Team Baleful Pred 13 urami
Anyone else Love the Reddit videos but never been on his Reddit .
Smittical Pred 13 urami
Aws Eljarah
Aws Eljarah Pred 13 urami
Someone explain the ne14bj joke for me
gbk nono
gbk nono Pred 13 urami
Can I have the ps5 behind you
Layaan Abdul Razzag
Layaan Abdul Razzag Pred 13 urami
Become Adamulla for a fortnite vid 😏
Samyak Karmakar
Samyak Karmakar Pred 13 urami
18:08 - Another word.
Pavan John
Pavan John Pred 13 urami
I think JJ forgot about "CHILD ENDAGERMENT" that child turned into a cow moooooooooooooo
Intense Undertaker
Intense Undertaker Pred 13 urami
Blandeu Pred 13 urami
I actually did a presentation on you a few years ago JJ. Basically we were asked to present a celebrity or artist in music class so I chose you as a rapper and so this was like during or just before the Weller fight because I put the song "Uncontrollable" which was the latest at the time. Nobody probably cares in this comment section but thought I'd just mention it.
Serena S
Serena S Pred 13 urami
watch ppl screenshot 6:52 and use it to claim he cried abt something serious
Ent Pred 13 urami
I wanna see JJ and Deji play Puppet Combo horror games if Deji Wins
F7Kx Esu
F7Kx Esu Pred 13 urami
11:50 Can someone explain??
ssA 42
ssA 42 Pred 13 urami
Huh so he really meant the “knowledge” part in KSI
APG_MatureArt Pred 13 urami
KSI: About to call out JackSepticEye 69% of people watching this... 00 ----
FGIP Pred 13 urami
I almost clicked off the video but I am glad I didn't
KSI: *Calls Ronaldo to be consistent* Meanwhile.... Ronaldo: *Drops a stinker against AC Milan*
Bluebanana 717
Bluebanana 717 Pred 13 urami
JJ: "Why is he looking up? Looking up to THE Heaven?"
RH. Productions
RH. Productions Pred 13 urami
I luv this kinda vids 😂
Atul Krishna
Atul Krishna Pred 13 urami
Merle Ambrose
Merle Ambrose Pred 13 urami
super sus episode but ok
Lil marcz
Lil marcz Pred 13 urami
This will give JJ motivation 0:25
Guadalupe Martinez
Guadalupe Martinez Pred 13 urami
I love the theme song he gets when talking about the sun😂💀
luzi Pred 13 urami
Y has jj been saying for like 2years years is gonna hang up his google play buttons but they are still sitting on his floor in the background
Haru Azashi
Haru Azashi Pred 13 urami
Plzzz not well that was weird
Prae Kat
Prae Kat Pred 13 urami
He should try out the new Jupiter’s Legacy if he likes The Boys, less gruesome but better storyline imo
Marco Ramirez
Marco Ramirez Pred 13 urami
ebin05 Pred 13 urami
What is the name of the shows he mentioned? Invisible man and ??
GG Farewell
GG Farewell Pred 13 urami
JJ I like you homie but this has gotta be the most sus try not to laugh ever.
uch1ha madаra
uch1ha madаra Pred 13 urami
JJs face looks like the thumbnail goet xD
Mehdi mido
Mehdi mido Pred 13 urami
4:44 if someone asked me to do it I will beat the s*** out of him for wasting food
Oneshotgun 4211
Oneshotgun 4211 Pred 13 urami
the dramatic dog is literally my little brother when I get close to him
TPK mustafa
TPK mustafa Pred 13 urami
Who came here from latest JJ's video
A NOone
A NOone Pred 13 urami
I thought Joe was crying in the thumb nail!
Amine Goutali
Amine Goutali Pred 13 urami
15:08 its from paradise PD
Cole McGregor
Cole McGregor Pred 13 urami
9:47 anyone else see those tissues and lotion right there on his table
Olddirtytiger Pred 13 urami
Oh yes cocaine and dead kid references, JJ is back 🙌
Joco Pred 13 urami
someone remind him to pull out the Alp horn at Wembley's
French Blues
French Blues Pred 13 urami
JJ’s nose a whole rocket, Shotgun nose as well 🤭
Caden Gaona
Caden Gaona Pred 13 urami
KSI getting banned: Let's check SLpost's monthly listeners
AndyGM05 Pred 13 urami
Logan: can’t sell out 50 person venues JJ: on track to sell out wembley arena
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez Pred 13 urami
Jj calling us cute is so cute
Dalia Neville
Dalia Neville Pred 13 urami
6:22 wtffffff how did this happen 🤯🤯🤯 that's my comment 😂😂😂 I did get the award a few days ago I didn't think it was really him 🤯🤯 I made jj laugh 😂
Raghav Singh
Raghav Singh Pred 13 urami
yo babatundee in the house
Jacob Kuznar
Jacob Kuznar Pred 13 urami
jj dont forget to bring the alphorn to wembly...
Kanishka Sarkar
Kanishka Sarkar Pred 13 urami
Thanks Mo for the sneak peek at the end
Avatar Roku
Avatar Roku Pred 13 urami
Paul Nielsen
Paul Nielsen Pred 13 urami
he almost has 2 mil redit subs, back in the day pewds had that and jj said we'll never get there, yet here we are
Noers Arc
Noers Arc Pred 13 urami
Bro can Jake fight Viddal Riley please because we all know how that would end
Udud Hshwh
Udud Hshwh Pred 13 urami
13:14 lit freestyle
Eric 07
Eric 07 Pred 13 urami
Jj:Choke him out and put him in the bin Me:but I already did that Jk
amjed kelani
amjed kelani Pred 13 urami
The 911 call is from an animated show on Netflix called Paradise PD
Declipse Pred 13 urami
Honestly IDGAF which vids you upload bro, been watching for years and still not bored so keep it up!
Francisco Guerra
Francisco Guerra Pred 13 urami
manz said the n word 0:25
Shreyas R
Shreyas R Pred 13 urami
Calling yourself ugly means your disrespecting your parents.
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW Pred 13 urami
Ronaldo has been more consistent. Bruh. They both have the same amount of consistency, you can like who you like but that's just not true.
Leyton V.
Leyton V. Pred 13 urami
7:56 anybody know what video this character is from??
Arnav Apte
Arnav Apte Pred 13 urami
Him saying niko as "neeko" Is getting annoying now. Lol
broken Pred 13 urami
I thought this was an old video lmao
Blair Ogden
Blair Ogden Pred 13 urami
Jj is the best SLpostr he makes such sick videos
TRex NotOP
TRex NotOP Pred 13 urami
Ksi badly need an intro
gabe barry
gabe barry Pred 13 urami
The bandanna pushes your hairline back
DCardMan 13
DCardMan 13 Pred 13 urami
What's EDP? Or rather who's EDP
Serinux Pred 13 urami
Stephon Khan
Stephon Khan Pred 13 urami
The Wembley concert is 2 days after my birthday 😁😁😁
GamesSpartan Pred 13 urami
Jacob Makeham
Jacob Makeham Pred 13 urami
Great video KSI you always back it up with real facts. Keep your head up bro because your smashing it. Jake Paul clearly has something wrong going on in his head lol. Your a legend bro
General 71
General 71 Pred 13 urami
No JJ we love reddit and try not to laugh don't ever leave them.